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Molecular History Research Center: Molecular genetics as proof for God's creation and the Flood. If only Darwin could have seen this...maybe the missing link between apes and humans are creationists!

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Botanical links

Botany.Com : Glossary for botanical words & names

Botanik online : Internet hypertextbook for plant taxonomy, including a botanical dictionary - full version only in German

Homepage of the Botanical Society of America . All you want...

Earle's Gymnosperm Database provides a bunch of information (like morphological features, systematical relationships, biogeographical distribution etc.) about nearly any (living) gymnosperm

EEB Greenhouse List of plants cultivated at the EEB Conservatory, plus additional information (classification, distribution...)

FEIS database, yields information about forest assemblages in N-Am.

Flora Europaea extracted from the PANDORA taxonomic data base system at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

GRIN taxonomy. Structure and nomenclature for the accessions of the National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS).

IAPT's ING database (Index Nominum Genericorum Plantarum)

IOP Homepage. Home of the International Organisation of Palaeobotany.

The Intergrated Taxonomic Information System ITIS. Name is program.

Maples. Information covering all aspects of maples (Acer), including a key to species.

NatureServe. Online (U.S.) encyclopedia of life on earth - i.e. U.S.

Palaeoflora Database: Coorperation project of the geological institutes of the universities of Tübingen and Bonn.

PFR 2 and other databases. A rather easy way to search for fossil plants and stuff. Allows to draw fossil distribution maps.

Plants for a future. Resource center for edible plants w/ database of 'useful' plants.

Species 2000. An index of world's known species.

Cladistics rule: The TreeBASE data server is another gateway to plant phylogenies.

USGS Vegetation Atlas Atlas of Relations Between Climatic Parameters and Distributions of Important Trees and Shrubs in North America. By R.S. Thompson, K.H. Anderson, and P.J. Bartlein. U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1650 A&B.

Vascular plant systematics. (My favourite) comprehensive glossary of botanical words.

Virtuellan Floran of the Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, Sweden. Images, distribution maps, facts... - mainly in Swedish

The virtual Library of Botany. Link site.

Computer programs and tools for phylogenetics

GeneTree from R.D.M. Page. Comparing gene and species phylogenies using reconciled trees. – Freeware

Glossary of terms used in cladistic analyses.

Commented glossary of phylogenetic systematics by G. Bechly. Hopefully, researchers engaged in molecular systematics know these termini as well.

MEGA 2 homepage. Free download, you just have to register. – Freeware

ModelTest by D. Posada. Utility for PAUP to estimate the appropiate substitution model. – Freeware

MrBayes 3.1 . Bayesian inference of phylogeny new and faster version, multistate morphological charachter sets can now be analysed, too. The first non-beta release. – Freeware

PAUP(Phylogenetic Analyses Using Parsimony)(TM). Phylogenetic analyses software package by D. Swofford, distributed by Sinauer Ass.

RAxML. Searching for the really best tree under ML, but you have too much data and too few time? And no server at hand, use this blackbox! Online platform

Or this for even more data: RAxML running on the CIPRES cluster.

SplitsTree4. Java-based module that implements various methods to compute phylogenetic networks and visualisation tools. Say farewell to trees!– Freeware

TCS . Estimate gene genealogies including multifurcations and/or reticulations. By Clement, Derington and Posada. – Freeware

Tree Puzzle by Schmidt, Strimmer, Vingron and von Haeseler. Maximum likelihood analysis for nucleotide, amino acid, and two-state data using quartett-puzzling. – Freeware

TreeView(TM) by R.Page. Very useful application tool to draw & handle PAUP-trees. – Freeware

Cycad links

The Australian Palm & Cycad Society: Infos, horticulture ++

Cycads at the Museum of Paleontology , UCB. Read this headline, and you won't care anymore about dinosaurs :)

The Cycad Pages. If you want to know something about cycads, this is the 1st place to visit

The Cycad Society. Not much "scientific" information here, but links and nice photos.

Florida has a Palm & Cycad Society, too.

Links for molecular genetics and systematics

Try a BLAST search at NIH. Fungi or not, that is the question...BLAST allows you to browse the GenBank for similar sequences.

Glossary of terms used in molecular genetics.

NCBI Taxonomy Homepage : Access the GenBank by taxonomic groups

Download site for CHROMAS(TM) and WIN-IMP(TM)Freeware.

mfold and other tools. Fold, but do not believe, your DNA and RNA (under courtesy of the Zuker group at RTI). But first, please refer to Doshi et al.(2004) BMC Bioinformatics 5: 105.

Pedro's BioMolecular Research Tools Collection of WWW links to information and services useful to molecular biologists.

Tree of Life project originally hosted by the University of Arizona (still waiting for the Net of Life project...)

Online maps, GIS-projects, etc.

ArcData Online . A service provided by ESRI for ArcView Users.

DigitalEarth project, Cornell University. Includes an interactive mapping and data analysis applet. With emphasis on geological features.

GIS WWW-resources. Link site to an enormous amount of online GIS-projects and related sites.

GIS sources and maps on the World Wide Web and in Print. Maintained by University of Albany and continually updated.

Global land environments since the last interglacial Vegetagional maps, and links to online resources of "post-glacial" interest

National Atlas U.S. Online GIS-like maps, covering nearly all available information on the U.S.

NatureServe. Online (U.S.) encyclopedia of life including state gridded distribution maps

NOAA Information Service has environmental satellite data, like water temparatures, etc.

NOAA World Ocean Atlas : Even more ocean temperatures, salinity gradients, nutrification, etc.

Paleogeographic Atlas Project, Univ. of Chicago : Not only paleogeographic maps, but also a nice plate movement animation.

Paleomap project from C.R. Scotese. Palaeogeographical and palaeoclimatological maps.

USGS Mapping section.

Vegetation and Plant distribution maps : Link site to many online maps

Links to other sites

2dtv. Watch the roaming bush in Bush's head and how Tony Poodle brings the stick.

Alemannian , language spoken by natives inhabiting the wilderness of Suebia, South-Badenia, and the northern half of Switzerland. - in Allemanian with German underlines.

EZV. Online magazines, University of Tübingen (free and limited access)

Grimm the bull-terror. Just a cute, little doggie.

Climate diagrams, worldwide . Want to know the mean precipitation and temperature in Timbuktu at Christmas? - in German

Introducing the Singing Horses. If you need to relax after a hard day's work.

My neat & native village, founded in Roman times (approx. 3rd century): Tawern.

Webmail service, University of Tübingen, limited access

Webmail service, Naturhistoriska riksmuseet, limited access

The Wisdom of the Dakota tribes - in German


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